An RPG developed by Magic Lamb
Jun 2020 - Current

Final year project screenshots

MindQuest is an RPG with educational elements being developed for mobile, Switch and PC using the Unity engine. I joined the project in June 2020 as a gameplay programmer, and am currently the lead developer.
I have worked on many features for the project, including a save system, movement mechanics and turn-based combat, as well as a slew of bug fixes and refactors.

The backend data process for MindQuest
One of the features I'm most proud of is the database solution. Since the game has a lot of items, enemies and characters you can find and unlock, there had to be a way to store all this data and access it intelligently from the code.
The game designers use Google Sheets to collaboratively work on the data, and I developed a system using Unity's editor scripting to pull the data from Google Sheets and store it locally. When the game runs, the local data will be dredged up and stored in a database class so that it can create the necessary data classes for UI/combat/overworld as necessary.
The designer's data use in MindQuest Game designers can also set data easily within Unity using custom property drawers so that in-game assets are always referencing the correct data.

A Momentary Meeting
Global Game Jam 2021
Jan 2021

In a team of five programmers and one musician, we created a multiplayer text adventure in response to the theme of "Lost & Found". This uses .NET ASP to run the server backend and allows players to communicate.
Apart from a tiny bit of writing and many various polishes and tweaks, I created the module that allows players to find each other and speak to one another. The server duplicates the instance of the room that they are in and will separate them if they spend too long together.

I Want to Become Fondue!
Behind The Game Jam 2020
Dec 2020

'I Want to Become Fondue!' is a murderous platformer about a deranged cheese controlled solely by it's greed for a warm cheese bath.
My role for this jam was the gameplay programming and SFX creation.

Global Game Jam 2020
Jan - Feb 2020

A game we made in response to the prompt: "Repair". In 'BUD', you collect plants and bring them to the greenhouse to make some music and bring life to the world.
I worked on the audio programming, some animation programming and various programming polishing. This uses a custom audio stem syncing method to keep all of the plants' songs in time, as if they were singing together.
Please use headphones as the audio experience is very important.

A particle system for the game engine 'PICO-8'
Nov 2020

Sorry! Please view this on a computer to see the demo, it doesn't run on mobile.

This is an extensive particle system for the retro fantasy console 'PICO-8'. Originally developed in 2019 as a personal jam project, I updated it in late 2020 to take use of features like object pooling, sprite animation and emission shapes.
If you'd like to read more about or see the code plese check out the GitHub Repo.

Punch friends, enemies or CPUs as a moth
Nov 2020

Sorry! Please view this on a computer to see the demo, it doesn't run on mobile.

'MOTH KOTH' is a Smash-like brawler where you fight to become the king of the proverbial moth hill. Originally made in 2019 as a personal jam project, I updated it in late 2020 to include the particle system that I built and polish different aspects of the game.
It features some pretty heavy data structures and patterns for a LUA game, including a button layout framework, map loading system and combat system. The goal was to enable customisability for the player, allowing them to choose number of players, AI and stage.

Verby Noun
Voxel-themed Puzzle Game
May 2019

This is the fifth game in the 12 games in 12 months series.
This was originally intended to be a parody of mobile games like 'Flappy Bird' and 'Crossy Road'. Time constraints led to scope decrease. It's a puzzle game about moving the characters in the correct way to get them to the goal in the least amount of steps.
This was a good opportunity to implement the Command pattern, as the one player is controlling multiple characters by sending 'commands'. The input is formatted and passed to the character controller, which then decides if it follows the order. This was also a good project to get me settled back into Unity. I want to do the next few projects in the Unity engine to broaden my knowledge.

Blast away the enemies in this classic arcade game
Oct - Nov 2018

This is a game I created for a High Distinction project in University in 2018. It was centered around babies (hence the name) but I decided to drop the theme in favour of features due to time constraints.
The goal was to make a game chock-full useful design patterns and data structures. These include a messaging system, an entity-component system, UI states and multiplayer compatibility.
I completed this in C++ with the help of the graphics library SDL2.

Play as a manifestation of electricity and manage your resources.
Jul - Nov 2018

For a subject in University, I and three others created 'MANIFEST' as our game prototype project. We developed this over the course of twelve weeks.
I worked on a lot of the gameplay programming, but am most proud of the 'electricity engine' I made. It allows objects to be electrified and electrify other items that it touches. I also created and implemented the music and sound effects for the game. I received a grade of 99 (/100) for my contributions.